About Us

Eva Care Management Consultancy, Inc. (ECMCI) is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider for Healthcare Facilities. We are experienced in the efficient handling of reimbursements from government related entities and insurance companies, in addition to providing other healthcare related services.

ECMCI has been the owners and operators of a large number of Healthcare Facilities in the US and abroad. We have gained the required experience and built up the necessary resources to perform

ECMCI provides Healthcare Facilities with an unparalleled level of service and support for Back Office. We provide internal facility functions including Accounting Services, Career Placement, Information Technology, and Procurement Related Services, such as high quality Medical and Housekeeping Supplies.

ECMCI has Global Resources offering Outsourcing to both onshore and offshore, including Japan, Asia, Philippines, and Middle East & North Africa.

Mission and Vision

ECMCI’s vision and mission is to be the leader in outsourcing Healthcare Facility processes. Our relationships are built on our reputation for maintaining quality service while lowering costs and building revenue. We don’t believe in short cuts. We are focused on long-term sustainability.


ECMCI strives to make a difference for your facility by increasing your reimbursements, improving operating efficiency, and lowering overall expenses. We believe in giving more in value than we take in payment. Our success has come from our commitment to integrity. It matters to us how we get the job done.


ECMCI’s track record is brought by our solidly experienced management team that has exposure not only to Healthcare, but also across a spectrum of industries. Our team of Healthcare and Financial professionals have decades of experience, are trained in-depth, dedicated to ongoing development, are performance-driven, and are well-versed in the best practices suited to our clients’ needs.

ECMCI is a leading Healthcare provider. We are acutely aware of the rules and regulations in operating a Healthcare Facility. Our track record and continued success rely on staying abreast of changing industry standards and adapting to ever changing economic cycles.

We are a global network of professionals operating synergistically, with presence in the United States, Philippines, Japan, United Arab Emirates, and China.

In the past decade, ECMCI has grown very quickly to provide BPO services to over 40 Healthcare Facilities in the United States.

How We Save You Money

ECMCI’s competitive edge in costs saving is attributed to:

Our Management Team, which consists of highly qualified and experienced Healthcare professionals leading your profitability

Outsourcing labor for your Accounting Services

Providing low-cost Medical & Housekeeping Supplies

Providing competitive Career Placement Services

Providing you with our IT Infrastructure and lowering the costs of doing it yourself