Management Consultancy

ECMCI’s team includes Healthcare Operations Professionals, Accounts Receivable and Payable Technical Staff, Financial Directors, Certified Public Accountants, IT Healthcare Experts, Recruitment Consultants, Insurance Specialists, and Procurement Purchasing Agents, all of whom are dedicated to providing services depending on your individual business needs.

Our associates are distinguished by their financial expertise combined with hands-on experience, hence ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively administering multiple accounting processes in accordance with the International accounting standards. Our Senior Billing Specialists, who review the out bound work of the department, are extremely well versed with Medicare, as well as all other insurance companies’ processes, and are readily available to adapt their knowledge to different clients’ systems and requirements.

  • Analytical – Our associates are encouraged to maximize their ability to visualize, solve complicated problems, and make accurate and informed decisions. Each of our finance and accounting professionals has the ability to review data, detect operating inefficiency trends, and provide recommendation for improvement.
  • Communication– Our associates are trained to enhance their oral, written and non-verbal communication skills by conveying their findings about financial statements with subordinates, superiors, and colleagues.
  • Computer Competency – Our associates are equipped with innovative technology, as well as other customized programs to optimize processes to help them perform efficiently and effectively.
  • Teamwork – We emphasize a strong team ethic, which results in quality level of work completed by the deadline.
  • Creative Ability – Our strong sense of urgency and efficiency in completing work drives us, and we are confident that our associates have an excellent common sense and the ability to make solid judgments Our Accounting Professionals know that it’s a must to be able to convert large volumes of data into concise reports. This skill is crucial, especially when working with large companies with multiple reports or transactions.
  • Sales – We take pride in the enthusiastic and outgoing personalities of our associates coupled with the professional presentation of the sales processes, which have yielded in great results.
  • Proactive – Our personnel’s self-initiative develops innate ability to multi-task and to prioritize We tend to initiate change rather than react to events.