Accounts Payable

  • Today, accounts payable outsourcing services are recognized as one of cost-saving effective management tool.
  • By outsourcing the non-core business functions and responsibilities, and leaving them in the hands of the professionals, your company can provide better client service and produce better products.
  • By reducing the demands on the administrative staff, you reposition them to support other areas directly related to your sales and services, your clients and products.
  • We can perform your routine accounts payable tasks or can supplement your current staff to reduce the drain on administrative time.
  • We can customize a package of accounts payable outsourcing services that is priced to keep you competitive.

Accounts Payable Services is committed to:

o Process payment transactions promptly and accurately
o Provide excellent customer service
o Comply with common accounting practice and tax reporting regulations
o Partner with departments to improve efficiency
o Provide expense analysis report
o Monitor expense and budgeting
Accounts Payable Services is responsible for several types of payments which include, but are not limited to:
o Commercial/Vendor Invoices
o Loan Payments
o Business Expense Reimbursements
o Travel Reimbursements
o Service/Award Payments
o Honorarium Payments
o Allowances