Our Services

Clinical Quality Data Analysis

ECMCI provides clinical, clerical and administrative services in order to ensure effective, efficient and accurate clinical and health information are maintained in the health information system.

We are committed in providing outstanding Electronic Health Record (EHR) related services through healthcare professionals with remarkable expertise in Compliance Standards and Management.

Services involves collecting and generating data, analyzing resident health information, conduct routine audits, prepare and submit audit reports and ensure that the medical records are accurate, consistent, updated regularly and timely, communicated efficiently with authorized members of the healthcare team while strictly observing the confidentiality, security and data integrity within well-defined procedures and in accordance with current applicable standards established by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)...

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Medical Billing and Collections

ECMCI provides end-to-end medical billing and collection services for Medical Facilities and Hospitals from preparation and submission of claims to government agencies, commercial insurance companies and family of the patients, to payment application and reconciliation, to follow-up and collection of problem claims until payment is collected.

We have the required experience, the necessary technology and resources, plus the economy of scales to perform the billing and collection functions for your facilities effectively and efficiently at a fraction of your in-house cost.

Our experienced Medical Billers review patient demographics and treatment records to ensure billing accuracy; translate the associated charges into the custom billing format required by the respective payers and transmit the claims electronically to the payers to expedite billings; closely monitor the payment status of submitted claims and promptly analyze, correct and resubmit rejected claims to maximize collection. ECMCI’s medical billing and collection outsourcing services maximize our client’s revenue, lower their billing costs, improve their cash flow and allow our clients to focus on providing the best medical services to their patients.

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Accounts Payable

Today, accounts payable outsourcing services are recognized as one of cost-saving effective management tool.

By outsourcing the non-core business functions and responsibilities, and leaving them in the hands of the professionals, your company can provide better client service and produce better products. By reducing the demands on the administrative staff, you reposition them to support other areas directly related to your sales and services, your clients and products.

We can perform your routine accounts payable tasks or can supplement your current staff to reduce the drain on administrative time. We can customize a package of accounts payable outsourcing services that is priced to keep you competitive....

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US Payroll

ECMCI keeps up with the ever increasing complexity of payroll legislation and annual changes in tax codes. ECMCI’s services also save your business the costs of implementing and maintaining payroll systems and software.

ECMCI offers the most cost effective, worry free and easy to use payroll solution to small and medium sized companies. You can count on ECMCI to process your payroll, calculate and deposit your tax withholdings and file all your payroll tax returns for you accurately and efficiently every time. You can transmit your payroll information to us by EDI, email, fax or phone, whatever way that is most convenient for your company.

ECMCI keeps up with ever increasing complexity of payroll legislation and annual changes in tax codes. ECMCI’s services also save your business the costs of implementing and maintaining Payroll systems and software...

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Management Consultancy

ECMCI’s team includes Healthcare Operations Professionals, Accounts Receivable and Payable Technical Staff, Financial Directors, Certified Public Accountants, IT Healthcare Experts, Recruitment Consultants, Insurance Specialists, and Procurement Purchasing Agents, all of whom are dedicated to providing services depending on your individual business needs.

Our associates are distinguished by their financial expertise combined with hands-on experience, hence ensuring that our clients receive the most effective and professional service. We pride ourselves on our proven track record for effectively administering multiple accounting processes in accordance with the International accounting standards. Our Senior Billing Specialists, who review the out bound work of the department, are extremely well versed with Medicare, as well as all other insurance companies’ processes, and are readily available to adapt their knowledge to different clients’ systems and requirements.

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IT Support

ECMCI provides 24/7 IT Technical Support, we value the importance of your business continuity and profitability within your facility. Our support team are HIPPA well-trained in handling technical concerns.

ECMCI’s goal is to deliver the power of cloud productivity to businesses of all sizes, helping to save time and money and free up valued resources. Our web-based “Software as a Service, SaaS” model for outsourcing accounting services, Quality Assurance, and Electronic Health Record (EHR) enable businesses to instantly reduce overhead, streamline workflow and improve efficiency and productivity. The single web-based portal ensures simple and easy accessibility for our clients from any device, anytime and anywhere securely. Users simply log into the secured web portal and start working. Users also have the ability to upload and download files, and organize and assign permission online (standardized file format such as Word, PFG, and JPEG are accepted).

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