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Outsourcing Accounting Services


Medical Billing
ECMCI provides end-to-end medical billing and collection services for Medical Facilities and Hospitals from preparation and submission of claims to government agencies, commercial insurance companies and family of the patients, to payment application and reconciliation

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ECMCI offers the most cost effective, worry free and easy to use payroll solution to small and medium sized companies.
You can count on ECMCI to process your payroll, calculate and deposit your tax withholdings and file all your payroll tax returns for you accurately

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Accounts Payable
Today, accounts payable outsourcing services are recognized as one of cost-saving effective management tool.
By outsourcing the non-core business functions and responsibilities, and leaving them in the hands of the professionals, your company can provide better client

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Career Placement

ECMCI is a career placement firm specializing in recruiting and staffing of professionals and workers for the Healthcare & Hospitality industries.
We specialize in the recruitment of Healthcare Professionals,including, but not limited to:

  • Nurses, Nurses Directors, Nurses Assistants
  • Medical Staff
  • Administrative Staff
  • Office Managers
  • Physical, Occupational, Speech, and Auditory Therapists, Counselors, and Physiologists

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Medical Supplies

ECMCI provides a full-range of Medical and Housekeeping Supplies. We offer the best possible products at the best possible prices to save businesses thousands of dollars every year without any schemes or contracts

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Security and Reliability


IT Infrastructure/IT Security/System Reliability & Back Up Procedure
Our web-based “Software as a Service, SaaS” model for outsourcing accounting services, Quality Assurance, and Electronic Health Record (EHR)

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Compliance Department


With the increasing demands of the federal and state rules and regulations on clinical practice together with the increasing requirements in reporting, billing and reimbursements, every healthcare facility is faced with the challenges of converting and maintaining patient health records in electronic form while keeping up with the standards of healthcare delivery.

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About Us

Eva Care Management Consultancy, Inc. (ECMCI) is a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) provider for Healthcare Facilities.

How We Save You Money

Our Management Team consists of highly qualified and experienced Healthcare professionals leading your profitability.

Client Testimonials

"I hereby confirm that, Eva Care Management Consultancy Inc. rendered the best services for this financial year. Eva Care Management, Inc.'s team demonstrates total ownership and needs little supervision once they take over a process. They are diligent in their follow up until the job is complete. We are pleased to be associated with you and wish you all the success in your business endeavors."


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